The line at Starbucks never seems to end. And sometimes, each customer is as impatient as Yasso the K9.

Yasso is a member of the Twinsburg K-9 unit in Ohio. When this four-legged officer is off duty, he knows exactly how to unwind and relax.

After his shift is over, Yasso heads on to the local Starbucks with his dad. The adorable pooch knows all about how things work there. You put your order in, pay, and then you get your drink! And though he may seem a little impatient, he is perfectly polite. Looks like his police training has worked wonders for him!

Starbucks provides a drink made specifically for dogs called puppuccino. It has quickly become our canine friends’ favorite drink, and officer Yasso is not an exception. As soon as his dad pulls up to pick their drinks, he climbs out the window and waits for his treat. After finishing it all in one go, he gently gets back to his seat!

After a long day at work, Yasso definitely deserved that treat! Check out this adorable clip below!

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