The video of a woman constantly throwing a puppy into the cold waters of Lake Erie at a local beach had the animal-lovers community in an uproar. Elijah Boggs, a Vermillion man, captured this incident in a video and we see the poor puppy trying to escape his terrible fate.

Source: Elijah Boggs/YouTube

As we keep watching, we see Elijah confronting the woman. Turns out she was planning on making her dog capable of swimming by mercilessly throwing him into the water, no matter how much he resisted.

Following this, she completely ignores the filming man and throws the doggie into the water. After seeing it happen for the third time, Elijah had had enough. He told her that he will call the police if she didn’t stop. Finally, she does. Eventually, though, Elijah did end up reporting the incident to the police. But none of the authorities did anything.

Source: Elijah Boggs/YouTube

But this is where social media came in. The video went viral moments later hitting the internet and the public pressure finally had the police taking some actions. They tracked the woman down, while the prosecutor’s office and Animal Protective League officers made sure the puppy was okay. When it was concluded that he was, the woman went unpunished as her actions weren’t “malicious” towards her pet.

But was it really the right choice?

Just watch the video below to see her repeatedly throwing the dog in the chilly water.

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