Recently, 20-year-old Alexandria Drew from the Sarasota, Florida, sparked outrage among loving dog parents after she was caught neglecting her dog, Richter. Not just that, she lied to the authorities continuously before finally admitting she was too busy to care for her. She now faces charges and the dog is no more under her custody.

YouTube/ WFLA

Drew brought Richter to Sarasota County Animal Services where he was seen by a local lieutenant on the police force named Daniel Tutko, who said he was emaciated. The dog was so skeletal, his ribs were visible and he was clearly starving.

Drew claimed to the shelter workers that Richter was found as a stray. However, there was a microchip scan done on the dog and it said something else. Drew admitted that she had kept Richter locked in a cage and had no time to take care of him, after which, she was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. On the other hand, Richter stayed in quarantine for a while and recovered properly from the trauma his previous owner had given him.

YouTube/ WFLA

And, understandably, people are not happy about this.

“Put her in the cage, don’t feed her, and make her whine,” said one dog owner.

“I can’t believe somebody would starve a dog; there are just too many people who would love it,” said another dog mom.

Real pet parents know exactly how to take care of their pets even while they are busy. The simplest solution to this is taking help from your local animal services department.

As for Richter, he will be fed and well taken care of.

Watch the video below to see where he is now!

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