She thought that no one was watching her, but she was wrong. Recently, a customer departing a café was captured by a security camera on a cold and rainy day in Zonguldak, Turkey. She noticed a stray dog curled up beneath the overhang out front as she passed through the doorway.

She decided to offer him more at the expense of her comfort rather than moving ahead. Here is the video of the sweet gesture of love from one stranger’s soul to another which proves that humanity is not dead.

Though the video lasted for a moment, it was not unnoticed. The video captured the hearts and headlines across the country when it went viral on the internet. When the footage went viral, one of the people recognized that it was their friend, Duygu Elma.

Duygu Elma

When she gifted her scarf to the stray dog, she never expected that she would be praised. Elma said, “I couldn’t imagine that my actions would receive this attention. I’m very surprised about it. The weather was so cold. I just couldn’t take it when I saw him shivering.”

Elma is optimistic that others will look out for the wellbeing of the stray dog. Elma is able to set an example among many people out there with her extraordinary deeds.

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