The ride was just going to be just a normal one, or so she thought. The woman was driving by the road in San Antonio, Texas when she came across a silver car with three dogs. The owner of the car, a woman, was trying to get them out and leave them there.


The horrifying act troubled the witness so much that she started videotaping the entire thing while also trying to convince her to stop. Even though she kept asking her to stop, to call the animal service or to leave in a shelter, she wouldn’t listen.

It’s within minutes that the dogs are carelessly abandoned and the woman leaves. Fortunately, her face and her license plate were caught in the video.


The witness then called for animal services. Help arrived and now the dogs are under good shelter. However, the video garnered a lot of attention, so much so that the previous owner got a lot of backlash for her heartless behaviour.


Eventually, she had to face charges for animal cruelty and Class A misdemeanour in Texas. This could lead her to a hefty fine and even prison time. Hopefully, the culprit will be brought to justice as soon as possible.

Watch the video here that shows how the woman heartlessly abandoned her dogs.

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