Because dogs are so energetic creatures, they need a proper outlet to dispose of it, especially in their puppy stage. If not, they start adopting destructive habits. Similar happened to one unfortunate pup named Penny.

Penny was picked up as a 10-weeks-old stray and brought into a shelter. She got adopted soon but got returned to the shelter. This happened not once, not twice, but several times for her “destructive behaviour” until the right person met her.

Instagram/ Penny Loggins

Leonora Anzaldua was that perfect person who fell in love with Penny and adopted her. Not only that, but she also had the patience to take time and stimulate Penny mentally.

Instagram/ Penny Loggins

In the process of keeping Penny mentally stimulated, Anzaldua started teaching Penny how to sit. Three tries down, penny perfected the trick. Penny knew all sorts of regular dog tricks by the time she was 8 months old.

It was then Anzaldua decided to push things further for Penny and see if her pup had the mental capacity of a toddler. So, she started training Penny to recognize shapes using blocks and within no time, Penny knew that too!

Amazed and excited, Anzaldua decided to go even further and see if Penny could learn the letters…

She learned it too, and now, Penny can spell her own name!

Watch the video below in which Anzaldua has captured penny selling her name:

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