Little Joao might be only 9 years old, but he understands the importance of being kind than most adults.

Because of his kind heart, a little cat with a disability is getting a second chance at life.

Rogéria Bello Corazza

Joao is from Parana, Brazil. On a normal day, he paid a visit to a neighbour’s house where a litter of kittens had been born. He had been wanting to spend time with these little cats, but he immediately knew someone thing wasn’t quite right.

“[He] saw a kitten that couldn’t walk,” Rogéria Bello Corazza, the boy’s mother, wrote online. “He was very sad to see the other kittens playing, and that she could not play.”

Rogéria Bello Corazza

It was then that Joao decided that he needed to do something for the little kitten.

“He returned home and started to have ideas about how to help,” Corazza wrote.

Joao predicted that the kitten would benefit from a mobility cart, but since she was little she needed a small one to fit her tiny frame. That’s when he got creative. Borrowing some materials from a friend, Joao crafted a tiny, custom wheelchair specifically designed for the little kitten.

Rogéria Bello Corazza

And voila! “She was walking in just a few minutes,” Corazza wrote.

Although of course, the little kitten still suffers from her disability, her spirit is unbroken.

Finding a true friend in Joao who helped her realize her full potential has been a huge help.

“His joy of being able to help was the best part,” Corazza wrote.

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