David Cornelius is a Vietnam war veteran who had several aftermath disabilities. He had to depend on his assistance dog, Juliana to go about every day. But he was shocked to have his dog be forbidden inside a Bentonville hotel.


The hotel claimed to have a no-animals policy and even went as far as to kick David at 3 AM in the morning. David’s explanations went totally unheard. They had to spend the entire night in David’s car.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) clearly specifies that a trained service animal used to assist in disability, cannot be denied entry in a hotel unless they ‘behave in an unacceptable way’. But Juliana was far from being ‘violent’. In fact, she was denied entry even though David showed the paperwork.

It’s truly an unfair and sad scene to see that people with genuine disabilities have to suffer due to a few misinformed people. We hope this reaches people and spreads awareness about the ADA guidelines on service dogs.

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