Finally, a new Bill has been established announcing the ban of circuses using wild animals for entertainment.

If you’re a circus-fanatic, the use and abuse of wild animals there won’t come as a surprise to you. From camels to zebras and reindeers, these organizations leave these lovely creatures to survive in unsanitary and often poor conditions while simultaneously using them for profit.

Fortunately, the government has decided to intervene. The Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, announced the bill today. It will be applicable all across England.


According to The Wild Animals in Circuses Bill, wild animals will no longer be a part of travelling circuses. In the government’s words, there is ‘no place in modern society’ for this.

Gove elaborated this saying, “Travelling circuses are no place for wild animals in the 21st century and I am pleased that this legislation will put an end to this practice for good.

Today’s announcement follows other measures we have taken to strengthen our position as a world leader on animal protection.

This includes our ban on ivory sales to protect elephants, and delivering Finn’s Law to strengthen the protection of service animals.”

The government is a commitment from the government in February 2018. By January 2020, the ban will be mandatory everywhere.

94.5% of the public supported this ban. Animal rights activists have been fighting for this for a long time—and now, it’s finally happening.

David Rutley, the Animal Welfare Minister, said, “I am pleased that today’s legislation will deliver on the ban that many welfare charities and parliamentarians have been calling for.

The general public can still enjoy a trip to the circus, but it is good to know those wild animals will no longer be a part of that experience.”

For many animal activists, this was welcome news.


So animals that aren’t domesticated in the nation or aren’t naturally found here will no longer be involved in these circuses.

According to the Head of Public Affairs at the RSPCA, David Bowles, “We really welcome the Government introducing a Bill to ban the outdated practice of using wild animals in circuses.

We’ve campaigned against having wild animals in circuses for many years. They have complex needs that cannot be properly met in a circus environment.

Its high time keeping wild animals in circuses is consigned to the history books and we look forward to the day that it is banned for good in England.”

However, this doesn’t stop the use of domestic animals like horses, dogs and donkeys in such organizations. Nonetheless, they will be regulated and examined time to time by authorities.

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