When Jean-Michel Labat, a French professional animal photographer, took a picture of one of her pets, she didn’t know that it was going to go so viral! The heartbreaker here is named Narnia, a British Shorthair cat is unique not just in terms of her name but also because of her oddly coloured fur. It’s no surprise that the second her face hit the internet, she stole everybody’s peace of mind!

The picture captured the colour of Narnia, who probably developed it when she was in her mother’s womb. Born on 28th March 2017, the cats with mysterious appearance are usually called chimaeras. Chimaeras are different because their cells contain two types of DNA during embryo fusion, and the cats have unique physical traits, including odd colouration.

Labat named the album ‘Chatterie de la Grace’, which translates to ‘Catter of the Grace’. The photographer has decorated her home with framed shots of Narnia, from when she was born till date.

Just look at the adorable young Narnia here!

Let’s be honest, it was quite a blessing that Narnia is living with a photographer who can both love her unconditionally and make her famous!

No wonder Narnia is so loyal and adoring to Ms Labat.

Check out the video to see this unique cat that will leave you with a hopeful smile on your face for days!

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