Snapping turtles are given their name after their obvious habit of snapping. However, this man, who decided to hold one, didn’t seem to be aware of this fact.

Images: Newsflare

Recently, a guy thought it was nice and harmless to hold a snapping turtle close and shower him with kisses. However, he didn’t know how these snapping turtles have a snapping reflex and use it more often than he had imagined.

Watch the video below:

The video above was shot in Burlington, Massachusetts. The man seems to be totally fine with the turtle. He is heard saying “Who’s a good boy?” while he scratched the turtle’s shell.

He must have thought that the turtle was looking up at him affectionately. It turns out; he was planning his attack instead. And when he got an opportunity, the turtle reached the man’s face and bit him.

Well, it can be true that the turtle was just trying to kiss him back—but in his own way. However, the man was in pain and can be heard yelling “Ow” multiple times while pulling the turtle away from his face.

Surely, he will always be more careful while going too close to animals, now.

Images: Newsflare

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