Having dogs means having a messy life, and right now, nobody knows it better than James. He has an adorable German Shepherd named Zeus who might have caused a bit of mess recently.

A few days ago, James posted a hilarious video on Instagram which proved just how lovable this dog is – probably every other messy dog is.

It can be seen in the video that the dog’s favourite treats were scattered all over the floor. “Zeus spilled his treats, so I put him in the other room to clean up,” James wrote on Twitter.

And the dog knew perfectly how to make up for this mess he caused; by helping his dad clean up of course! So, even though he was put in the timeout, he didn’t stop his tongue from working.

That led James to lose his mind when he looked down to clean completely. Here’s what he saw:

Well, its completely fine because the poor “guilty” doggo was just trying to help! But it might as well be a perfectly- planned help. Nobody knows the truth!

Except, of course, the great Zeus himself!

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