Totopo had been through a lot of bad things- but no one could conclude what had happened.

It was back in October, that a woman found Totopo shackled outside a house neat Cancun, Mexico. The adorable 3-year-old pit bull mix was in a pitiable condition.  He didn’t have any food, water or shelter. On top of that, he couldn’t even lie down comfortably to sleep as his chain was very short. He could only lean his head on the short metal chain to get any rest.

It wasn’t surprising that Totopo was very sick. He had ringworm and mange and had suffered burn in multiple places.

Animal Haven

“The crop job on his ears looked like they had been done with scissors or a knife,” Tiffany Lacey, director of Animal Haven, a group that finds homes for abandoned dogs and cats, told The Dodo. “And his canines were shaved down.”

The woman who found him in that condition knocked on the door of the house. A family greeted her and told her that Totopo was being kept outside as punishment for chasing a chicken. The woman couldn’t leave Totopo to suffer and hence, convinced the family to surrender Totopo to her. After this, she took the poor dog to her friend, Matteo Saucedo, who oversees Riviera Rescue AC.

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That brings us to Lacey, who saw a picture of Totopo on Facebook from thousands of miles away in New York. As soon as she it, she knew she wanted to help. “It was one of the most horrific photos I’ve ever seen of a dog,” she recounted.

Lacey connected to Saucedo and made arrangements to take Totopo to New York where Lacey and Animal Haven could do something to help him. Most importantly, a loving home where Lacey would be well and happy.

Animal Haven

“He just arrived a few days ago last week, and Matteo flew him here himself,” Lacey said last Tuesday. “He came with two other dogs that we accepted — one is named Temo and the other one is Clarita — and both of those [other] dogs are paralyzed.”

Totopo has still yet to recover completely. His fur hasn’t completely grown back and his injuries are still recovering. The most amazing thing is though, he doesn’t seem to have developed any behaviour issues.

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“He’s unfazed by all the terrible things that humans have done to him,” Lacey said. “It either hasn’t sunk in, or he’s just so loving … it’s unbelievable.”

Lacy is awestruck by how well Totopo’s has perfected adjusted to a new life in New York City.

“He’s so happy,” Lacey said. “It’s unbelievable that a dog who was basically tortured (and we don’t even know for how long) acts like he grew up in a cozy little house where people were surrounding him with love. But we know that wasn’t the case for him.

Animal Haven

“Totopo is just about the sweetest dog ever,” Lacey added. “He walks up on the leash really well. He loves people. He wants to hug all the time. He’s great with other dogs.” He just bounced back.”

Totopo has aroused interest in a lot of people and Lacey hopes to keep Totopo up for adoption very soon.

“I think that if anybody is looking to change a dog’s life … and to help facilitate that final chapter where the dog is loved and in a warm place and doesn’t ever have to be hurt again, this story is definitely one of those,” Lacey said. “This could be their dog to make that happen.”

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