The man was working too hard to notice her at first.

But when he did, it was the most heartbreaking sight.

Over his shoulder was a little puppy, staring right at him with a helpless look. She looked as if she was in pain and the man couldn’t help but be drawn to her. Fortunately, he decided to take her to the vet so they could have a thorough look at her.


From the visit, he found out that the little doggie was severely malnourished and underweight.  The starvation was so harrowing that she wasn’t a ‘puppy’ but rather a dog with stunted growth. The staff told him that the dog was almost a decade old.

Along with that, she had cataracts and fleas. The small doggie was toothless and deaf. It was no surprise that she had to be immediately looked after by the vet and the staff.


What happened next is even more tragic.

The vet discovered that her body had been so damaged from the unmerciful street life that she didn’t have a long life ahead of her. Despite the clinic doing their best, they knew the adorable creature couldn’t be saved.

The cold reality broke the man’s heart. But his pain only made him more determined to give her the best life, or what remained of it. Toothless (her new name) was now living with the man who loved snuggling and going on adventures with her. They even played dress up!


Toothless’s toothless state had her dad feeding her with a spoon, but no one had any complaints. Like any dog, she was fond of spending time with herself and messing around in the snow.

Her life took such an unexpected turn, that she had a longer life than predicted.

Toothless, with her eyes closed, was safe beside her dad, sleeping. Sadly, neither he nor her cuteness could save her from the cold reality. Her eyes would never open again.


Wishing they had more time with her was fruitless. Nevertheless, they knew they brought heaven down to earth for her. What they gave her was more than kindness, it was home, it was unconditional love.

Watch the video in order to see all of Toothless’s shenanigans and the love she found a little too late.

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