What could be more beautiful for an animal lover than seeing a rare bird? This video shared by Boulder County Sheriff’s office shows a precious moment of encounter between a rare owl and a deputy.

Facebook/ Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

The deputy spots a rare Northern Saw-Whet Owl in the middle of a road in Colorado. He can’t hold back his curiosity, so he decides to approach the night-birdie who was standing still in broad daylight.

As if talking to a long lost friend, he starts a sweet conversation with the owl. The tiny bird, too, looks back at her with big curious eyes, a little taken aback by her voice. However, she doesn’t get scared. Instead, she stands still and observes the sweet-talking human with a lot of curiosity.

Facebook/ Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

The owl has bright, yellow eyes that widen with each second while giving out a series of tooting whistles. At the end though, she helps the owl get back to safety, by encouraging her to fly away from the road. Catching a rare glimpse of this bird is a real treat to our eyes!

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