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Mama Tiger Saves Life Of Her New Born Cub With Her Motherly Instincts


Watching someone giving birth is a beautiful experience. But things are much more critical when you are watching an endangered animal giving birth. The video below shows the most heartbreaking moment of this Sumatran mama tiger’s labour.

The caretakers at the Australia zoo are keeping a close eye on the tiger, but they also must remain at a safe distance from the tiger.

video source/BBC

The caretakers of the zoo have decided to only interfere in the natural birth-giving process just if its essential. But this labour left them confused.

video source/BBC

Mama tiger was in labour with twins. However, when the first cub was delivered successfully, he wasn’t moving. He looked like he whimpered in the beginning, but the body didn’t move at all. As the little body lay there, mama tiger stood clueless, unknown about what to do. Watching on the monitors in the other room, the care takers were only seconds away from interfering. But then, mama tiger’s motherly instincts kicked in and she started licking her tiny baby. She stimulated the little cub’s body with her tongue’s pressure which began clearing his airways. And then, two long minutes later, the baby started breathing!

video source/BBC

Although mama tiger didn’t know anything about giving birth, she saved her little boy!

Watch the video of this beautiful birth below:

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