When three nuns from New York lost their lovely animal companion, they were heartbroken. So when they came across a lost pup, they knew what to do.

If the three sisters of Sisters of Our Lady of Christian Doctrine hadn’t adopted Remy, he would be heading for euthanasia right now. Luckily the 9-year-old Pit Bull had these nuns by his side.

nuns adopt dog 1

Pit Bulls might have a reputation for being bad. But the fact is that they’re the sweetest creature ever! And Remy was no different. His favorite mom was Sister Virginia, the woman with a cane. But Remy definitely loves them all!

nuns adopt dog 2

We aren’t the only ones who are touched by this story. A volunteer and another board member from Hi-Tor were so warmed that they even covered all of the adoption expenses of Remy.

nuns adopt dog 3

The nuns didn’t even have to spend a penny!

Isn’t that just the sweetest thing ever?

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