We all have at least once imagined animals having their own worlds. We often think of how they would communicate with each other or how they know the things they know. Jimmy Craig, a comic artist at theycantalk.com just took our imagination to a whole new level and made illustrations about what they might be thinking and trying to say to us. Scroll down to see the hilarious results.

It doesn’t matter how many times their pops teach them …the pups just can’t resist sniffing butts.

Animals do need friends, you know.

Kitties might look evil, but in reality, they are just way much more innocent than the amount of innocence we could ever imagine!

Uh, excuse them, they’re bound to pass on the pigeons’ poops tradition.

Just like us, animals have aims, too. They might want to become security dogs, social servers or just cuddly dogs.  We should always support their career choices because we know they’ll do the best they can in any task they are given.

Which animal would lie the best? Definitely a cat!

They’re LITERALLY called Anteaters; what else would you expect from them? They even have little hooks on their long, sticky tongues to catch all the ants!

The animals at the zoo must be so confused by our looks when we see them.

Some say the earthworms come out in the rain to avoid drowning inside the Earth. Some others say they do this for migration. Why is it not possible that they might just really love the rain?

Poor sharks don’t even want to eat us. But we? We are always so rude to them!

Gosh, the peEGO!

Why do we get irritated over our overly- concerned pets? Just, WHY?

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