When Hope For Paws received a call concerning two Poodles under a busy LA freeway, they immediately sent a rescue team to find them.

stray dog siblings 1

When the team tried to approach them, they immediately ran into a tunnel out of fear.

Yet the rescuers didn’t give up hope.

Seeing that the people weren’t moving away from their abode, the brother dog finally stepped forward to face his fate. His bravery was awarded food and water from the rescuers. As the pair started trusting the rescuers a bit more, the rescuers were finally able to free them from their terrible life.

stray dog siblings 2

After they reached the animal clinic, the two pups received medical care. The staff gave them a bath and shaved their dirty fur. As they adjusted to their new environment, the siblings started playing with each other and the people around them.

stray dog siblings 3

After reaching the shelter, the staff named them Cola and Pepsi. Now that they’re up for adoption, they will soon find forever homes for themselves, leaving their dark life behind them.

Watch the video below to get the full story.

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