The commercials during the American yearly tradition of Super Bowl is a huge thing. One of the brands with the most attractive commercial is Budweiser. It features Clydesdale horses and adorable dogs, particularly the Dalmatian.


The commercial features another lonely dog who in longingly looking at a piece of meat from the butcher. Needless to say, he looks very sad. To add more to it, the butcher comes out with a broom to chase him off. As the dog roams the streets, he suddenly spots a parade in action.


That’s when he catches a glimpse of the beautiful Dalmatian dog sitting regally in a carriage, horses leading the way. He wishes that he could be that privileged too. And as a car drives by, and splashes mud on him, he is made realised of his situations.

But suddenly, those muddy spots turn him into a celebrity of some sorts. He decides to hitch a ride on the famous wagon. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

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