The world is full of mysterious questions. This train station in Israel has the biggest question of all; ‘to pet or not to pet’?

According to Dan Kashani, one of the commuters, that’s what everyone at the station seems to think before heading to their destination. He decided to depict the dilemma that everyone faced here in footage that recorded the local cat called Shawarma.

Posted by Alona Kfir on Monday, February 4, 2019

The local station in Petah Tikva, a place near Tel Aviv, took in the street cat and since then, the cat has been an inseparable part of the station. Literally inseparable.

“I was coming back from work,” Kashani said. “As soon as I got to the gate I saw the cat lying on the gate and it was very cute — it made me smile.”

Kashani has seen this lovely cat multiple of times, but he couldn’t help it this time and had to capture everything that was happening. The video is Shawarma lying one of the turnstiles as passengers swipe their tickets in it, one after another, without any of their noise or judgment affecting the cat’s relaxation.

Dan Kashani

It’s not a surprise that the video went viral and Shawarma became something identical to an international icon.

Some people were even surprised that a few of the passengers passed by the cat without acknowledging or *gasp* petting the adorable cat! “Pet the damn cat you animals!” one commenter said. But Kashani felt that it was his responsibility to clear the confusion. Turns out that Shawarma could be quite unpredictable.

Dan Kashani

“You can pet her if you offer your hand and wait and see if she’s into it,” Kashani said. Sometimes, she doesn’t like it and she doesn’t hide her distaste. She scratches. She bites. “She has to be into it.”

But this video shows the adorable side of the cat.

A passenger did a quick head-pet and she seemed to actually enjoy it!

Dan Kashani

After the video went viral, Kashani got over 1,200 friend requests on Facebook. He even got a call from the local mayor!

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