It’s been almost 13 years since Steve Irwin died. His son, however, is still keeping his father’s legacy.

Robert Irwin is just 15 years old, and he has a worldwide reputation as a wildlife photographer. He captures remarkable shots of his favorite animals. His social media is filled with poses from snakes to rhinos, sea turtles to giraffes.

Robert Irwin Kangroo Photo

Following his dad’s footstep, junior Irwin often stops by the Australia Zoo to work with the animals and entertain the audience.

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From me and our big boy, Forest, happy #WorldGiraffeDay !! 🦒

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The recent picture shared in his social media includes him feeding his dad’s favorite crocodile. His father fed the same crocodile 15 years ago at the same place. Even their pose appears similar.

Robert shared the picture in his social media writing:

“Dad and me feeding Murray… same place, same croc – two photos 15 years apart”

See for yourself:


In a show of USA Today, Robert shared his passion of crocodile feeding:

“Crocodile feeding is something that I’ve been learning for the past few years. In fact, my birthday present, my 10th birthday, was being allowed to feed a crocodile. That was the best birthday present ever. I have been asking to feed the crocodile since I was about 3 years old. And every day I’d say, ‘when can I start feeding the crocodile?’ They are my favorite animals. They are prehistoric animals, but they are so intelligent as well.”


Steve died in 2006 at the age of 44 after being thumped in the chest by a stingray during the shoot of a documentary. He was also known as a “The Crocodile Hunter”.

Not just Robert, his whole family, has made a remarkable contribution in keeping his legacy alive. They’ve been caring the animals of Australian Zoo and also appeared in the show, “Crikey! It’s the Irwins”.

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The fam 💛

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The Junior Irwin, Robert is an award-winning wildlife photographer. He was recently highly praised at Britain’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Among all of his amazing works, a photo of a hand-sized huntsman spider grappling with a desert tree frog was the one that judges’ eyes. In this shot named “The Catch” you can see spider clasping to his meal.


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Was so honoured for my work to be recognised in these incredible awards! #Repost @nhm_wpy ・・・ For our latest #WPYinsights film, young photographer and conservationist @robertirwinphotography shares the story behind his powerful picture, ‘The catch’, which captures a huntsman spider dangling in mid-air, tightly clutching its meal. There’s still time to see Robert’s image in the #WPY54 exhibition at the @natural_history_museum in London, which closes this Sunday. If you're keen to experience the beautiful winning images, check the link in our bio for availability and to secure your tickets. #WPY #WildlifePhotographerOfTheYear #WildlifePhotography #Nature #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #Nature #NaturePhotos #WildlifePhotographer #RobertIrwin #Queensland #SteveIrwinWildlifeReserve #PhotographyContest #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #PicOfTheDay #Exhibition #London #NaturalHistoryMuseum #NaturalHistoryMuseumLondon

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Robert has an interesting backstory about it as well:

“I was in a really remote swamp in Northern Queensland. I was photographing a phenomenon where this one water hole every night would explode with frogs. There would be so many amphibians, and all of the predators would come in to eat these frogs.

So it was mostly snakes and reptiles that I was photographing, and I spent about a month to actually get this shot.

The spider was obviously specializing in taking advantage of this influx of amphibians. I managed to get an amazing photo of him suspended from a branch, right at eye level. It was something I never thought I would experience.

It was a one-off experience, and planned for a month at the same time, so quite interesting.”


The 15-year-old photographer has appeared multiple times on the Tonight’s Show With Jimmy Fallon. He speaks so passionately about every animal he gets to introduce in the show.

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