Years ago, Kale Marie, who runs Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary, saved a baby pigeon when she needed her the most. Little did she know that she was adding a member to her family.

“Currently, she is on my pillow waiting for me to get out of bed,” Marie told The Dodo on Tuesday morning.

Kail Marie

Marie first found the pigeon, now named Solomah, 5 years ago when she was still a baby. She was all alone on the ground instead of her nest. So, Marie couldn’t help but do something to save the little bird’s life.

As she grew up in Marie’s barn, Solomah started being stronger and joined others like her own.

Kail Marie

“She has been with an outside flock of feral pigeons that live in our barn all this time,” Marie said.

Until recently, when a hawk started circling the barn area, and Solomah decided to start adapting to life indoors instead.

Kail Marie

“Next thing I know she flew in the front door when I came home and has refused to leave,” Marie said.

Solomah barely respected Marie’s privacy. Just a few days ago, Marie got out of bed and Solomah started following her everywhere.

“Earlier she followed me into the bathroom while I took a shower,” Marie said.

Nevertheless, Solomah’s nosiness doesn’t bother Marie at all, given that she is like a bird whisperer.

Kail Marie

Marie has always had a soft spot for pigeons, although she owns a parrot sanctuary.

“Pigeons were my very first bird love,” Marie explained. “When I was little, my grandmother used to take me to the city to feed the wild pigeons … One of my fondest memories!”

Kail Marie

Marie took Solomah for the necessary veterinary check-ups to make sure Solomah’s decision to be an indoor bird is good enough.

“The vet quarantined her ’til all her bloodwork and labs came back clear,” Marie said. “She is now a permanent house pigeon!”

Kail Marie

Surprisingly enough, Solomah has been adjusting indoors very well. It’s almost as though she had always been an indoor bird.

“She wants nothing to do with being outside and has bonded with us,” Marie said.

Kail Marie

Solomah has figured out about all the places from where she can keep a close eye on her rescuer.

Kail Marie

“She acts like she has always lived inside,” Marie said. “I am completely amazed!”

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