Garrett Johnson’s parents were going to have a splendid vacation without any interruption–but of course, that wasn’t going to happen when their son was home taking care of their little doggie, Oscar.

His mother had told him–concerned and sad–to look after Oscar for the parents hadn’t been ever been parted from him for that long.

Little did she know, Garrett was going to take very good care of the little pup, perhaps even do more than that.

Garrett Johnson

While his parents were out enjoying their trip, Garrett sent them a small video. The footage contained all the fun he had with the little pup when his parents weren’t there. As spontaneous as the plan was, the video turned out a lot better than Garrett expected.

“Oscar is the funniest dog I know,” Garrett said.

Just check the video here to see a little snippet of their time together!

The parents must be having the time of their lives but these two aren’t far behind. And Garrett’s parents agree. They both found the video hilarious. In fact, his mom couldn’t wait to see more of them!

“She thought it was super funny and said she cried laughing,” Garrett said.

Seems like she isn’t alone on that.

Garrett Johnson

The small clip went viral after it was uploaded on Twitter. It has now been viewed tens of thousands of times, proving just how adorable the video is.

“It’s blown me away,” he said. “I only had 70 followers, so I was just posting it for my friends. This is unreal.”

Whether the camera is present or not, the two are best buddies to each other in their house.

“We’re chilling and just hanging out ’til [my parents] come back,” he said. “Life is good.”

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