Liz Mitten Ryan, a farmer who owns a 329- acre horse sanctuary, was walking around the barn when she heard strange noises coming from inside. She was amazed to see her horses napping after a heavy meal they had just taken.

Liz was overwhelmed by the beautiful sight and felt obligated to grab her camera and take a few shots. There were many places the horses could have napped, yet they all chose to nap inside the barn, peacefully. The video she shot clearly shows how those wild horses behave in the woods as well.

Liz’s sanctuary is named Equinisity and is a home to many wild animals and horses. Many tourists from all over the world visit her sanctuary to see how she lives peacefully with those animals. The horses, like the tourists as well. They follow humans around for a while, but they mostly wander into the woods and play there. That is why; it was strange for Liz to see these horses napping inside the barn.

Watch the beautiful video Liz took of her horses napping and relaxing below:

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