The relationship between a K9 and their handler is strong beyond words. This rang true in the case of Sergeant Joshua Ashley and his military pup, Sirius.

Sadly, Ashley passed away in an IED explosion in Afghanistan. But before his death, he had asked him mom to take care of the dog he had served alongside in the line of duty. Now, because of a wish her son made years ago, Sirius is a permanent part of Ashley’s family.

“I’m gonna have you take him until I get to where I’m going or I get out,” mom Tammy Ashley recalls Joshua saying.

When the military found out about Joshua’s wish after his demise, they decided to honor it. Sirius was sent home to join the Ashleys when he retired from his post with the Military Police in Afghanistan.

When Tammy arrived at the airport to pick up her son’s dear dog, something amazing happened. According to Tammy, Sirius went right up to her, looked into her face, and could see a reflection of his former owner.

“It was almost like…I recognize you, or you’re…Josh’s Mom,” she says.

Now, the pooch is a loving member of the Ashley household. He reminds Joshua’s mom of her son and his sacrifice, but she says he brings them more comfort than sadness.

“It’s like getting a little piece of my brother back home with us,” said Joshua’s younger brother Jordan, who bonded with Sirius quite quickly.

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