The Alaskan Malamute breed is known for its expressive and extroverted personality. Chances are if you have three of them in your household, let’s say things can get a little out of hand. That’s what you’re about to see in this video below. The family’s routine trip to the groomer turns out to be musical!

YouTube/ Rumble Viral

Travis, Leila and Zoe are chilling in the backseat and then, they suddenly start singing. The most amazing thing is, they do so as if they’re trained singers.

Their proud owners claim that their Alaskan Malamutes do this at least twice a day. I can only imagine how mom and dad can handle their adorable singing every single day.

YouTube/ Rumble Viral

Can you imagine hearing these three Alaskan Malamutes singing every single day? You still love them to bits, don’t you?

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