The latest advert by Shangri-La Hotel is sure to inspire you if you love survival stories.

The hotel is present in locations all over the world and has a reputation for being hospitable.  Their latest advert shows a man who is stranded and trying desperately to survive on a snowy mountain. He fails to make a fire, his flashlight dies out and he is completely exhausted.  His exhaustion leads him to fall over in the cold, harsh snow as he loses consciousness.


We can hear howling as the shadows of several wolves appear from the trees. The group of wolves slowly move in on the man with their terrifying gaze as if they have found a prey. However, one by one, they all huddle together in the snow, forming a cosy blanket around the man. When he regains consciousness, he realizes that he is surrounded by wolves. But as he gathers what has happened, he is relieved as he knows that they were there to protect him from the cold.

His position among the wolves symbolizes sleeping in the comfort of a warm hotel bed. The man proceeds to fall back into sleep as he gently strokes one of the wolves’ fur. Then a title card appears reading: “To Embrace A Stranger As One’s Own. It’s In Our Nature.”


This advertisement emphasizes the importance of being one with nature. While this advert is quite unrealistic, it shows how all animals share a sense of empathy. It also portrays that animals such as wolves do indeed have a gentle side to their personality.

This advertisement has proven to be popular among the viewers, with some claiming, “This is the BEST ad that I have ever seen!!”

Watch the inspiring video for yourself below:

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