While man’s best friends are happy only by a few bites of bread and a few warm pets, this dog went through something so horrible that he wouldn’t be happy with the best of treats and warmest of embraces. Then, he ended of getting the title of “The Saddest Dog In The World.”

Rescue Dogs Match, Toronto, Canada, rescued a  three-year-old Labrador named Lana when she was only a puppy. Someone adopted her in 2015 but then, she was returned to the shelter.

Rescue Dogs Match

However, luck favoured her again in 2016 and she was adopted again. But a few months into being adopted, her family returned her to the shelter stating she was not opening up emotionally and was not very confident. This made it clear that she needed a family who would patiently help her grow.

Rescue Dogs Match

So, the shelter put up a picture of Lana on the internet, explaining her story. Lana was looking extremely depressed in the photo, and it didn’t take much to go viral; which led her to gain the title of the saddest dog in the world. Because of that, hundreds of people started calling the shelter every day to inquire about her, wanting to adopt her. In the end, the shelter got a whopping 4,000 applications for her adoption.

Rescue Dogs Match

With a lot of hard work and sincere filtering of the applicants, the shelter finally found the perfect home for Lana. Now, Lana is happy in her forever home, where her family showers her with all the love they can. They surely wouldn’t give up on her for anything.

Watch the video about Lana’s story below:

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