Ever since Sir David Attenborough’s show Our Planet was released, it has been taking us through an emotional roller coaster. The amazing director/ producer of the documentary series doesn’t hold back in explicitly making us face the realities of global warming and the effects it has on us, and every other living individual in this world. The first episode was no less, in fact, it might as well be the most heartbreaking episode of them all.


In the heartbreaking episode, a large African salt pan, filled with a flock of flamingos, is featured. Because of the sun burning unbearably, the flamingos have no choice except walk across the salt plains.

But that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Because hundreds of flamingo babies being unable to fly, the adults walk beside them to guide them towards fresh water. However, some babies can’t keep up with their tiny feet and are left behind.

Because of that, there are more chances of the salt to solidify around their legs and that will make it incredibly difficult for them to walk.

On baby flamingo can be seen being left behind, addressing whom, Sir David narrates, “They may have to trek for 50 kilometers. Some cannot keep up. The salt has solidified around their legs.”

The heartbreaking scene has undoubtedly moved many people to tears, according to their claims in social media. While a few expected the crew went to help the baby flamingo, others said they had an “emotional breakdown” because of the scene.

A few others even “sobbed” watching the baby and wished they could save the baby flamingo themselves.

No matter how devastating, the episode was essential to making people realize how bad is the condition of our Earth because of climate change, encouraging everyone to take necessary steps against it.

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