Jared Wein is a voracious runner. And when there are upcoming races, he trains a lot.

He’s a one-man-army. Training and fighting alone. But this time someone decided to partner up with him during his practice runs.

runner deer

Wein was running near his home in Michigan in a park for an upcoming race earlier this week. Along his way, he decided to go a little off the trail. As he went on in his journey, he noticed a group of three deer grazing on some grass.

Obviously, he just ignored them and went on. But the deers had other plans.

The deers then decided that it was about time they got some exercise took. And suddenly, all three of them were running alongside and behind Wein much to his surprise.

“I was just thinking, ‘How crazy and wild is this!” Wein exclaimed. “I had to record it, or else nobody would believe me.”

Don’t believe us?

Check out the video for yourself:

The deers kept following him for about half a mile. Wherever he went, they followed. Until finally, they decided they’ve had enough for a day.

And it seems like Wein got in a lot of exercise too.

“I run pretty often, but that was one of my faster times,” he said. “I was running faster than normal because I think they pushed me to run faster. The next time I do a race, I’ll have them to thank.”

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