When Rebecca Lynch decided to visit a shelter, she was on vacation with her husband in Savannah, Georgia.

“I know that Georgia has a lot of rural, high-kill shelters and I knew I wanted to save the neediest dog from a shelter before I went home,” Lynch said. “I had space in my car and wanted to help.”

And when she heard of pregnant Lizzy, a terrier at risk of death, she knew what she had to do.

dog gives birth 1

The dog was also aching from a broken leg. Seeing this, Lynch couldn’t delay it any longer.
So she immediately adopted her.

Lynch laid mattresses and blanket in the back seat for the pup during the ride home. Throughout the entire time, she sad beside the terrier and petted her.

“I knew she was nervous and scared and I just wanted to comfort her on the ride,” Lynch said.

dog gives birth 2

It seems like the couple did a fantastic job.

“I knew she was nervous and scared and I just wanted to comfort her on the ride,” Lynch said.

Her first puppy was born within 20 minutes. And that too, in the back of the car! The couple made sure that both the mother and the little pups were in good health.

Lizzy already had three pups by the time they reached the hospital. “She was a pro!” Lynch said. “We went straight to the vet and they said everything looked good.”

It wasn’t over yet. “Lizzy had another puppy at the vet, then two more on the car ride home. It was quite an experience and Lizzy was such an awesome little mommy.” Lynch said.

dog gives birth 3

Since then, Lizzy and her six little pups were to stay at the hospital. After that, they will be returning to Lynch’s home. After their fostering is complete, they will be ready for adoption.

dog gives birth 4

Lizzy seems to love her rescuers as much as she loves her children.

“Lizzy is a doll. Bless her heart, with all that she’s been through in her short life, she is so loving and trusting,” Lynch said. “She is a gentle and loving soul. Pretty remarkable.”

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