When dogs are by your sides, your life is a whole different kind of brighter. From giving you much-needed exercise to making you laugh with their strange, weird and adorable antics, their loyalty and love are something that only a few are blessed with. If unconditional love had a face, it would be the face of your pet. They are a whole different kind of innocence and naive and a whole different level of fierce and protective.

With that being said, here are a few ways of having a dog that can help you grow as a person.

You Learn the Meaning of Caring:

Not just for a pet, but for yourself. For if you are unhealthy and depressed, what’s going to happen to your dog? From taking them out for walks to giving them a healthy diet, you understand what it means to live a healthy life and how important it is to nurture yourself in nature. Each day, you have a reason to get out of your bed, to prepare a meal, to go out, to view the world in a different lens.

Now, isn’t that beautiful?

A New Definition to Adventure:

Curiosity is a living trait in every creature. What differentiates humans from them is how we choose to handle them. And you haven’t understood the true meaning of laughing with your pets until you’ve seen your pup feeding his curiosity by performing the craziest shenanigans in front of you.

How they choose to deal with new surroundings and new people will show you how the world is one big blob of newness, exploration and adjustment.

How Necessary Physical Affection Is:

You’ll see, when you have a dog, how much they rely on physical affection to feel loved. But little do people know that human-dog interactions also have good impacts on people. It lowers their blood pressure. It is when a parent is having normal conversations with their pet and being physically affectionate with them that their blood pressure is at the lowest.

You Are No Longer Lonely:

Even books have been written on this topic. One of them being Julie Barton’s ‘Dog Medicine’ which talked about the author’s relationship with her dog and how he helped her to fight against depression.

With the company of a dog on your side, you are never alone, and never lonely.

Reconnection and Relationship:

Pet lovers are a whole different kind of community. One you cannot be a part of unless you own a pet yourself. Imagine all the discussions and debates you can have about animal rearing and caring.

And just count the number of times you’ve been stopped in the middle of the road by someone inquiring about your lovely dog, you’ll run out of fingers to count on. Having dogs helps you reconnect and build relationships.

What Present Is:

If you want to know how to have a good time, adopt a dog. They’ll teach you. If they find themselves locked in a room, they’ll make friends with the carpet and entertain themselves for hours.

Going with the flow and being spontaneous is in their DNA and who knows, maybe their acquaintance will make you the same way!

The Face of Love:

No one loves you more than your dog. From greeting you with the biggest smiles to hugging you with their souls, dogs are a blessing in our lives. All they want to do is see you happy and fulfilled. They’ll pull strange acts and shenanigans just to make you laugh.

They neither hold grudges or expectation–all they want in return is a little bit of love.

What It Is To Have A Home:

Your home is brightened up when you have a dog. They hold a piece of your heart and you hold a piece of theirs. Just when you get through the door after a long, exhausting day, they welcome you with the biggest hugs and tons of love.

Even if you lose everything and everyone, dogs will hold a home for you in their warm arms full of adoration and unconditional love for you.

What more could one possibly ask for?

Understanding Duties:

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility. Especially when it comes to dogs. From training and nurturing them to giving them a loving home and teaching them kindness, your hands are full when it comes to raising a dog.

But the entire process is a beautiful journey that teaches you quite a lot, especially about responsibility. And you will love every second of it.

Just having them in our lives makes our days better. So if you’re wondering if you should adopt that little dog you saw the other day, give it a go! There are few things more beautiful than the bond you develop with your dog–don’t let a little fear stop you!

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