It was just another day for this man in Australia last month. But then, things changed rather dangerously in one instant, when he went to his garage to drive to work. He turned around with his instinct telling him that something was watching him, and got horrified!

Facebook/Brisbane Snake Catchers

A 6-foot-tall coastal carpet python was staring right at him, curled up comfortably among the rafters. It almost felt like she had popped her head out to say, “Good morning to you.’

Facebook/Brisbane Snake Catchers

The man’s plans for the day was suddenly changed. He had no idea how to walk right under the snake to reach his car. He was now a hostage in his own home!

He instead called Stewy Lalor, who works in Elite Snake Catching Services in Brisbane.

On the other hand, the python herself seemed to be perplexed by the tension she had caused.

Facebook/Brisbane Snake Catchers

Turns out, Pythons, as scary as they may look, are not at all threat to humans. Lalor, after seeing the Python, easily went ahead to escort him out of the garage so that the terrified homeowner could go on with his day.

“He was about to head off to work but couldn’t get into this car,” Lalor said. “A big part of what we do is education. If we can get around relocating them, we will but if someone has a bad phobia we will come get it.”

What started off as a terrifying morning can now be a very memorable morning for the man.

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