While repairing a burst pipe of an apartment, a building’s maintenance worker smelled something pungent in the apartment and decided to check, given that he was concerned about someone’s safety. When he opened the door, he saw a plastic crate in which two puppies were trapped.

Through the unbearable smell, he could see that the pups were in terrible condition. Covered in urine and faeces, the puppies were miserable. But something was even odder—the puppies were not making a sound.

Facebook/ Wichita Animal Action League

On looking closer, the man discovered that their noses were extremely red and swollen and they were not opening their mouths at all! It was then he took the puppies out of the crate and discovered the horrendous truth—their nuzzles were tied with hair ties!

The horrified man immediately called his friend, who fostered dogs for the Wichita Animal Action League, for help. A volunteer came in at the earliest and took the puppies to the vet.

Facebook/ Wichita Animal Action League

The shelter volunteer and the animal control officers presumed it was a wire but when they took a closer look, they discovered something terrifying—their muzzled were tied with elastic hair ties!

Facebook/ Wichita Animal Action League

The hair ties, only used for smaller kids or hair braiding, were not bigger than a thumb! The onlookers couldn’t help but cry when the vet snipped the hair ties off. The sounds heard from the pups after that were heartbreaking! The puppies clearly understood that they were finally getting some help, but the pain of the blood rushing back must have been unbearable!

Facebook/ Wichita Animal Action League

Their noses would have been permanently damaged if the hair ties had stayed there for a few more hours. Everyone was thankful that the pain they were feeling was only temporary.

After getting dome painkillers, the pups began calming down and the group went ahead to find them a suitable foster home.

Facebook/ Wichita Animal Action League

Soon, the pups were in their foster homes; healing quickly and loving wholeheartedly.

And, within no time, the dogs will be put up for adoption! We hope they find the perfect homes for themselves!

The video below gives a detailed explanation of the story. Watch it for yourself:

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