Homeless dogs live heart-wrenching lives that would tear any soul apart. While some of them do get rescued and find themselves a good home, even animal shelters sometimes end up euthanizing them because they cannot be taken care of anymore. Even if they don’t face death at a tender age, many dogs live out their lives in shelters without ever being adopted. The shelters that are noisy and even scarce, at times.

Fortunately, rescue groups and no-kill shelters are always on the dial. With the press of a button, they’re there to help. With animal-lovers everywhere ready to raise their voices, the dogs aren’t neglected or mistreated on sight. People nowadays reach out to volunteer shelter so they can participate in their rescue.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

But there are states that still abuse dogs while the authorities remain unaware.

Texas is one of them.

There are a considerable number of kill-shelters. And not only are they swamped and overpopulated, but they also euthanize dogs that they consider unadoptable and unlovable.

The very dogs in this article were found in the most neglected and unhealthy state at the kill-shelter.

Fortunately, someone spotted them online and rescued them before they were sentenced to a harrowing death.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

The video of two little creatures holding on to each other as a third puppy watched them helplessly is heartbreaking. The co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, Stacey Silverstein, happened to see the video and to say that she was shocked would be an understatement.

She vented her pain and anger on the organization’s Facebook page:

“Where is the respect? Where is the humanity? They came into this kill shelter in this condition, thrown onto the hard concrete disease infected floor in obviously critical and weak condition.”

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

“We are so disgusted every day to be confronted with this harsh reality. Once again we will be their protectors and saviours and get them the help they so desperately need.”

With luck, the three dogs are now safe and sound. The bigger dog, now named Mulani, is with his friends, Po and Mishi.

“Their new lives begin today!”

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