We have known it for a while that dogs and cats can’t get along very well. They might not have a proper hateful relationship, but they avoid each other as much as possible. However, this pup isn’t too worried about that. All he cares about is the life of a drowning cat and he is ready to help him at any cost.

Twitter/Figen Sezgin

The puppy was attempting to save a cat neck- deep in water when a woman in Turkey noticed the rescue. She couldn’t let this beautiful moment just pass by and captured it in a video to share it with her followers on Twitter.

After the pup sees the cat, he dives right into the water and carefully places himself under the cat, who quickly climbs onto his back and then the dog takes her to safety.

Twitter/Figen Sezgin

However, that was not the end of the problem. After he is done saving the cat, the dog sadly starts struggling himself to get out of the water. But he eventually manages to get out and people can’t stop applauding his bravery.

Twitter/Figen Sezgin

The video indeed got popular, but some people criticized the woman for filming the entire incident instead of helping the struggling animals. Nevertheless, some people also defended her, claiming that animals get stronger by working things out on their own.

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