Once an orphan at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Emily, the elephant, was released back into the wild in her adulthood. At the end of December of 2014, however, the caretakers in the conservation area experienced something thrilling and beautiful at the same time.


Emily had chosen her foster home to give birth to her second child while being in company with people who brought her up.

Even though Emily didn’t have a proper family experience at her young age, she has a happy family with her two daughters now. Her first child was named Eve and the newly born calf was named Emma.


In the video below, we can see Emily giving birth to her second child. Seeing that, the entire herd gathers around her to celebrate the moment. They all are very concerned and want to help her out. It was impossible for the caretakers not be touched by that. Everyone would be.

Watch the video for yourself. Your heart will be overwhelmed with emotions, too.

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