Raelene Prieb was returning home from work one day when she saw something very uncommon on a snowy roadway in Saskatchewan, Canada.

She came across a stocky porcupine who was clearly having some problems.

Raelene Prieb

The porcupine was upside down; he was kicking his tiny feet as he struggled to flip himself over. The woman was obviously concerned.

“I stopped to watch and see if he could get up,” she said. “Once I realized he couldn’t, I got out to help him.”

She took out a snow-brush/ice scraper and tried to help the little fella from his topsy-turvy position. She offered him some reassuring words as she tried her best to right him up. He was finally back to how he should have been, and a few moments later, it was clear to Prieb how he had managed to get himself into such a mess.

The video below shows the adorable rescue.

The porcupine went his own way, but the next day, Prieb stopped by the same spot to check in on him. She discovered footprints and a few trees he had chewed on.

“I’m assuming he moved on across the field to the larger forested area,” Prieb said.

Raelene Prieb

Prieb says she is glad she could help him out.

“It felt amazing to just experience this creature so close and personal,” she said. “And who wouldn’t help him get on his way!”

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