Dogs are carefree creatures. Because of this attitude, many people consider them to be stupid. But these people couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, dogs are one of the smartest creatures on the planet. They are said to be as intelligent as a two year old human child! Now that’s saying something.

Even amongst dogs, some breeds are smarter than the others. For example, dogs like Border collies, Golden retrievers, and Labradors are always on the top of the “smartest dogs” list. Another breed that falls on that list is the German shepherd. These handsome dogs are very clever and very easy to train. That is why they are one of the most prevalent dogs you can find in the army or police forces.

Just take a look at this amazing pooch for example. Police dogs are trained and intelligent, but what this one does is truly incredible! When his officer gives him the command, this K9 can get in the car all by himself! He can even close the door afterwards! It is a pretty handy trick if you ask me!

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