A 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit the town of Amatrice, Italy two years ago and the city was left in a devastating situation. At that time, the people in the town needed a hero to get things together, and they found just that in a year-old German shepherd named Kaos.

Fabiano Ettorre/Facebook

Kaos, along with his handler, Fabiano Ettore quickly stepped up to help rescue those who had survived the natural calamity. Being only a year old, Kaos had shown a lot of energy and dedication towards his task.

Fabiano Ettorre/Facebook

Although 241 people lost their lives in the earthquake that left Amatrice turned into ashes, Kaos and his handler worked nights and days for weeks searching for survivors and saving them.

Once again, a few months later, another earthquake hit the town of Norcia, and Koas was there again, ready for the rescue by doing whatever he could to save people buried deep down the dust of the buildings.

Then, last week, something that no one could have imagined, happened. Ettore found Kaos dead in his garden. Someone had poisoned the hero dog who had helped in saving so many lives and who was praised by the people worldwide.

Ettore was devastated when he posted the sad news on Facebook.

Ciao amico mio !!!!! Hai lasciato un vuoto incolmabile per mano di una persona meschina .. continua il tuo lavoro lassù …

Posted by Fabiano Ettorre on Saturday, July 28, 2018

He wrote, “I have no words. I can’t understand such a horrible act.”

Ettore knew Kaos was very much alive and okay the night before the sad incident happened. He even claims to have heard him barking at around 2 a.m. However, Kaos was long gone when he woke up the next morning. Nobody knows if the act was intentional or at what time Kaos was poisoned. Therefore, the police have launched a formal investigation into the matter.

Fabiano Ettorre/Facebook

Rinaldo Sidoli, a spokesman for Animalisti Italiani, an animal rights group, said, “They killed the hero who, together with rescuers, dug with his four paws during those dramatic hours to find survivors of that massacre. Kaos saved humans, and those same humans poisoned him.”

“We will not rest until justice is done,” Sidoli added. “We must push the political world towards a new law that foresees more severe penalties for those who mistreat and kill animals.”

Fabiano Ettorre/Facebook

Kaos will definitely not be forgotten, nor will the evil act upon him. We hope the criminal who did such horrible thing gets punished soon.

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