If you are a true animal lover, you would never find anything unattractive about your pet. However, that is not the case for a Chinese woman who is facing outrage from animal lovers all over the world after she spent $1500 on a painful cosmetic surgery for her cat, just because she thought his eyes looked ugly.

The doctors performed “Asian Blepharoplasty” on the cat which apparently was supposed to give the cat double eyelids and bigger eyes. Sadly, the poor cat was left with a swollen face and scars. To defend herself, the woman said that it was something commonly done on human and pets, legally, all over Asia.

Source: Video Precede/YouTube

This surgery is commonly performed on dogs to make them look better in Rupeng Pet Hospital, Nanjing. The procedure includes anaesthetizing of the eyelids and cutting it open, which is extremely painful for the animals.

Source: Video Precede/YouTube

The vet community argues that such surgeries should only take place only for medical reasons and not superficial reasons like this one. Even the internet does not agree to the woman’s unrealistic obsession with “cat aesthetics.”

Its absolutely heartbreaking to see that many people, who feel beautiful through such cosmetic procedures are forcing it on their pets as well.

Source: Video Precede/YouTube

The entire idea should not even exist, as all the animals are beautiful in their own individual ways.

Watch the video below to know the full story on this matter:

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