At a busy shelter in Brooklyn, New York an adorable dog named Honey has been appropriately described as the “sweetest thing”. However, the sad thing is no one seems interested in adopting her.

To make matters worse, Honey was picked up as a stray on Christmas Eve and brought to the Brooklyn branch of the Animal Control Centers of New York (ACC).

Facebook/Must Love Dogs – Saving NYC Dogs

But Honey’s behaviour didn’t show like she was a stray dog. It seemed like she belonged to an owner who had trained Honey to be well-behaved and friendly. But of course, no one knows exactly how and when Honey ended in the streets.

What is evidently clear to everyone who’s met Honey is that she deserves a loving home.

“She sees a new friend in every stranger,” a volunteer at ACC wrote on Facebook. “Just looking at her is enough to get her tail going. She leans in when I pet her, and when she can’t hold herself back any longer she’ll prop her paws on me and kiss my face clean.”

“She’s such a good girl,” the volunteer added. “She has been easy to handle on leash, seems housebroken, and despite being crazy for treats is very mild-mannered taking them. She’s got a lot of love to give and is meant to be someone’s sidekick.”

Facebook/Julie Carner

The tragedy is that there’s a constant stream of stray and surrendered dogs who are brought daily to the ACC which means Honey doesn’t have much time left. She’s scheduled for euthanasia today unless someone steps up to adopt her and take her home.

Honey is already 8 years old which means she quite a senior dog. She is in need of a family who is experienced and willing to take on the responsibility of an older dog.

Facebook/Julie Carner

“Honey should be living out her golden years like a little queen, and that’s our goal — to get her safely out of the shelter and into the loving arms of a good family,” a spokesperson for Must Love Dogs wrote on Facebook. “Please don’t overlook this 8-year-old cutie. She’s just as deserving as the rest.”

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