People on the internet are recently being unable to process the fact there is an actual dolphin that is pink in colour and was spotted in a lake! A pink dolphin was recently spotted in Louisiana’s Lake Calcasieu and she has been leaving people baffled all over the world.

Via Kaylin Quinn

The rare dolphin, now named Pinkie was first discovered in 2007 and people had fallen in love with her back then as well. While some scientists predict that Pinkie might be partially albino, others think it is a genetic anomaly. Nevertheless, she looks absolutely beautiful.

Despite Pinkie’s unique colour, her mom has the colour of any other normal dolphin. We yet don’t know who her father is. Genetic mutations can be a great reason for the change in colour of the offsprings.

Via Kaylin Quinn

Ever since the first spotting of Pinkie, tourists have started rowing boats on the lake just to test their lucks on seeing the rare pink dolphin. It has been reported that she is very friendly and many boat captains claim that she sometimes comes close up to play and say “hi.”

Via Kaylin Quinn

However, the best news is that she has been seen mating recently. Hopefully, we get to see more pink dolphins in the near future!

Watch her flawlessly swimming around in the video below:

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