Irish music is something that has everyone dancing. And dancing to the rhythm of Ireland’s traditional dancing, along with its music, is the perhaps the best sight anyone can wish for.

But this is a unique case. Lovebird is a lovely, small bird who just can’t resist the Irish tune. Everything time it comes on, he hops up and down and taps his tiny feet, just like the Irish dancers. Now, isn’t that adorable?

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In fact, he should be taken to River Dance show so that he could perform there! Now, wouldn’t that be interesting?

While the actual Irish dancers practice for months, Lovebird’s dance comes to him naturally and he’s so good at it too.

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One of the most affectionate and friendliest birds, Lovebirds are popular for their falling in love only once in their entire lives.

Once they meet the one, they’re inseparable. From feeding to moving, they do everything together!

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Naturally, Lovebirds wants to be affection from everyone they love, not just their life partners but their human families as well.

In fact, the bond they form with their owners is just as strong. If they have been loved right, they will show their trust by constantly cuddling with you or even preening you.

Check out the lovely bird and start having faith in the world again!

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