The African Grey parrot named Rocco used to live in the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary in Berkshire. But he had a foul mouth and that often upset his visitors.

Thankfully, Marion Wishnewski took him in. But that hasn’t changed anything for her.

INS News Agency via lad bible

Now that he has a home, Rocco is well- acquainted with Alexa, the virtual assistant for Amazon Echo. While Wishnewski is at work, Rocco spends time talking to Alexa. But recently, things were not limited to just talking—he has begun ordering things!

He orders all his favourite things from Alexa, which includes his favourite fruits, vegetables and ice cream!

INS News Agency via lad bible

Now, Marion has to check the shopping list and cancel all his orders everytime she gets back home!

Moreover, Rocco has also learned to ask Alexa to play his favourite music. More often than not, Marion comes home to him jamming to Kings of Leons!

Given that African Grey parrots are one of the most intelligent birds ever, it is not a surprise that Rocco is so talkative!

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