Nowadays, more and more people prefer their things delivered at their door. At the same time, it is too bad that package theft is growing.

However, you would be almost happy to meet this charming thief.

Lori Metcalf Sanders

A few weeks ago, Lori Metcalf Sanders had a box of homemade snacks dropped off in front of her house by a neighbour. The package wasn’t there when Sanders went to collect it. The only thing she found was a greeting card.

To solve this mystery, Sanders looked at her security cameras and was happily surprised to find a little opossum casually making off with his tasty steal in his joyful, bouncy steps.

Lori Metcalf Sanders

Sander’s couldn’t get angry after seeing how pleased the stolen treats made the opossum. “I guess this little guy needed my neighbour’s yummy homemade treats more than I did,” she wrote.

“That is so funny. I will get you some more,” the neighbour wrote to Sanders, adding about the furry thief: “At least he will be happy.”

Watch the hilarious video below:

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