Everyone makes mistakes. Including animals. But that doesn’t mean all errors should be severely punished. This incident comes from China where a dog made a mistake. And instead of overlooking this error, the owner chose to hurt this lovely creature in a heinous way.

Source: Daily Mail via Pear Video/YouTube

Video footages emerging from Guangzhou shows that this puppy was left dangling outside a window grill tied by a short rope. Because the rope was so small, it was impossible for him to even lie down.

The video portrays the pup in a terrible situation where his legs are tangled in the rope. The terrible distress he’s been put through was made worse by his neighbour continuing to leave him like that for hours. Fortunately, neighbours heard his cry for help and contacted a local animal rights group. He was rescued soon after by volunteers.

Source: Daily Mail via Pear Video/YouTube

It was only after he was rescued that they found that the pup was also dehydrated and starving.

When they finally freed him from the rope, the owner came out and started arguing. According to him, the doggie was being punished appropriately. And after a long debate, he finally let the group of volunteers take the dog with them.

What promulgated such a monstrous act could be China’s lack of legislation on animal rights and no punishment for pet owners. Instead, they just give up the animals they’ve abused and then leave cuff-free. However, the word is out that there are some changes being made in the legislation. Hopefully, it will do justice to all the pets and animals in the country.

Right now, the abused dog is in the right hands and being looked after by responsible people.

Watch the video below to see the kind of torture he was put through. WARNING: The video is upsetting and might be graphic for some. Thus, viewers discretion is advised.

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