Wolfgang might be a little different than other dogs but doesn’t dampen his spirits.

overweight dog 1

He should weigh around 23 pounds, but he’s overweight by 60 pounds, weighing nearly 90 pounds instead.

overweight dog 2

How Wolfgang got to this point is still a mystery.

“We do not know anything regarding the circumstances as to why he was at the shelter,” Erin McManis, a foster with Arizona Beagle Rescue, informed, “but the shelter initially found him as a stray. Arizona Beagle Rescue decided to spring him from the shelter and my husband (Chad Schatz) and I became his foster parents.”

Wolfgang might have ended up in a crowded shelter, but that did nothing to lessen his weight or his happiness. Even after he headed to a foster family, nothing brought him down.

He loves his new home. He loves his foster brothers, Fred and Andre. He loves sunbathing and staring at them in the yard while he lies on his back.

overweight dog 3

But his family hasn’t given up hope yet. They’re quite determined to make sure that Wolfgang will lose weight and find a home.

They even have him on a special diet of 600 calories a day under a vet’s recommendation. “I cook him a combination of lean turkey meat and lots of green veggies (green beans, broccoli, spinach, etc.),” McManis said. He further informed that Wolfgang has a thyroid condition which requires medication and vitamin supplement for Wolfgang to be healthy.

overweight dog 4

But that’s not it. Wolfgang is also doing a considerable amount of exercises which includes swimming and regular walks.

overweight dog 5

“I was concerned he would act really hungry on the new diet,” McManis said, Wolfgang came as a surprise to everyone. “He seems to love his foster home and his diet/exercise plan. He is a very happy dog.”

overweight dog 6

Since this isn’t the family’s first time helping a dog with weight issues, Wolfgang could actually conquer his ambitions.

“When we adopted Andre he weighed about 68 pounds and now he is 23 pounds,” McManis said. “We have had experience before helping overweight dogs, so we are confident we can help Wolfgang.”

McManis herself is on a low-carb diet. Since starting a Facebook page about Wolfgang, she thought that it would be “more fun if we were doing it together.”


Once Wolfgang becomes a healthier version of himself, he will be available for adoption.

For now, we are just waiting to see the magnificent transformation happen right before our eyes!

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