This horrible news is coming out of the Indonesian island of Sumatra where mother orangutan is being murdered for their children to be sold.

Many in Indonesia keep orangutans as pets as a ‘status symbol’ even though doing so is completely against the law.

Now that people are protesting against this trend, it looks like the authorities are finally gearing up for justice.

BBC News

Because of human construction and deforestation since the last two decades, these creatures in the Indonesian Leuser rainforest have been becoming more and more vulnerable.

As the human settlement gets closer, their typical days are interrupted by black market traders and other captors. They often heartlessly kill the mother orangutans and kidnap the younger ones.

Because this trend is becoming so infamous now, many rescue charities in Sumatra are getting involved in the case. They try to rescue stolen babies and bring those powerful people to justice.

Such is the story of Bom Bom, a baby orangutan who was rescued after his mother was murdered and he was sold on the black market.

His previous owners, which included a police officer and his wife, kept him in a cage for three years. For all that time, he was only allowed to go outside on weekends. A documentary shows his life after he was rescued and taken to a rehab centre. There, he is slowly being trained to become free and wild.

When he was first taken away from his previous owner, the wife was worried, repeatedly calling Bom Bom her ‘child’. The poor creature looked terrified when he was first taken out but then became much calmer. After a while, he even started holding out his paw for the rescuers to hold.

A doctor from the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, Dr Ian Singleton, said, “A mother orangutan will carry an infant around for almost 24 hours a day for several years so there’s no way she is going to voluntarily hand over that infant or allow anyone to take it unless she’s killed. She’s always going to defend that infant with her life and unfortunately, that’s what usually happens. All the orangutans that are here [at the rehabilitation centre]…their mothers [were] almost certainly killed.”

Save The Orangutan estimates that around 6,000 great apes are captured and killed every year because of the black market trend.

70% of that number is estimated to be orangutans.

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